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Education Digest's Teacher of the Year 2001-2002
Carmen Heimbecker (page 2)

From great teachers come our world's future, and the apple never falls far from the education tree. Without trying, Education Digest's staff was able to locate several former students who wanted to help honor her as Education Digest's "Teacher of the Year". One young man, now with two children of his own, is an elementary school principal. Beth Gavello, one of Carmen's former students, lives locally and is expecting her first child in August. "She was more than just a teacher, she truly loved giving to the children", remarked Beth. "She made sure no one was left out of playground activities, even if it meant playing with the child herself". Dominique Trottier, now attending the sixth grade, told our staff "Mrs. Heimbecker always let us speak our feelings and made learning fun". Andy Castro and Scott Davidson, both currently attending her 3rd grade class at Reed, nominated her because of her ability to make them laugh and learn at the same time. Andy is planning on becoming an "A+ teacher" himself some day.

Teacher of the Year Animation 2

Carmen Heimbecker is delighted that many of her student's were paying attention in class and is proud of them for them taking responsibility for their own future and the future of the world. "Teaching is filled with a great deal of laughter, many tears, exhausting hours, some frustration, and great satisfaction. Every day is a new day for the student and the teacher. The atmosphere of the classroom is unique. I will miss it!" says Carmen. And, the students, fellow teachers, parents, community, and education world will miss you, Carmen! Carmen and her husband are leaving the day school ends to a new life, hopefully making under par on a golf course of their choosing. Please join Education Digest in wishing her and her husband the best of luck and let's salute her with a huge round of applause for dedicating her life to the betterment of our children and the future of our world!!

If you know of a teacher who deserves honor for their dedication to the education of our children, please send us an email with a description of their outstanding capabilities. We will be selecting spotlight teachers throughout the year, and will use the entries to select 2002-2003's Education Digest Teacher of the Year. Please include contact information in case your selection is chosen so we can get further information about your teacher.
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